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SemperDIVE! Logo
The Semper DIVE! Logo

The Semper DIVE! logo consists of five major parts, each of which has a deep meaning in relation to the sea and the founder of the organization.


The Trident

The trident has long served as a symbol for the ocean. This comes from its initial use as a fishing tool.  The trident is far superior to a spear for fishing.  The three separate blades give the fisherman a much better chance of skewering a fish than a normal spear ever could.  The trident has kept its water association even though centuries have passed since it was used in this manner.  It is now most closely associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea.  It represents the power and life giving force possessed by the sea.


The Equilateral Triangle


The equilateral triangle at the base of the trident’s fork blades is the ancient Greek symbol for water or the sea.  It is used to strengthen thought of the sea, to represent the agelessness of the sea, and to ensure association with one of the oldest cultures known to modern man.


The Kanji

The Japanese Kanji character, ‘Nao’ engraved in the equilateral triangle means “always.”  It is used to represent the eternity of the sea and the importance the sea has ‘always’ had to life; giving it, taking it, and supporting it.  It has further meaning in that time spent on the island of Okinawa, Japan reinvigorated the founder’s passion for the sea and the passion he will always have for it.


The Infinite Tribal Waves

The infinite tribal waves hold multiple meanings.  First, the tribal form is representative of many of the cultures that live on or in tune with the Pacific, our largest ocean.  These people have thrived and survived for centuries at the mercy or generosity of the ocean.  The continuous infinite pattern represents the eternity of the sea and the cycle of life it supports.  The number of waves is significant as well; seven waves for the seven seas.


The Tribal Sun Rays

The tribal sun rays add light, warmth, and beauty to the ocean waves and the life it supports while still representing the many cultures who depend on the sea.


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