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UWATEC Dive Computer

Smart Z displays all important dive and decompression data and comes with a unique receiver which can receive tank pressure data from a transmitter. Mounted at the high pressure (HP) outlet of the regulator, the transmitter measures the tank pressure and radio transmits the information to Smart Z. [break][break]UWATEC’s specially patented transmission process prevents interference and ensures continuous and reliable reception. Smart Z has a data memory which stores the dive data. The data can be transmitted with an infrared interface (IrDA) and the SmartTRAK software to a Windows® personal computer. The SmartTRAK CD software is included with the Smart Z Package. Infrared interfaces are available in PC stores. [break][break]A list of recommended interfaces is available on the UWATEC homepage ([break] Download PDF

PADI Dive Planner

The purpose of the Recreational Dive Planner is to make all dives no decompression dives. Proper planning assures that all dives, single or repetitive, are within the no decompression limits by controlling the length of the dive, the depth of the dive, and the surface interval between dives. [break][break]Use of the Recreational Dive Planner requires having and using an accurate depth gauge, an underwater timer, a slate and pencil and the planner itself. You need to know the depth of each dive so you can determine the maximum time allowed, or you must limit your depth to a specific planned maximum depth. [break]Download PDF

ANALOX O2 Oxygen Analyzer

The O2 EII® is ergonomically designed, and equipped with several features to ensure ease of use, and reliability. The instrument has been designed to be held in the left hand to enable ease of use when checking your tank. [break][break]It is fitted with a large digital display and operates from an internal temperature compensated electrochemical oxygen sensor. Power is provided by a 9V battery which will last for approximately 1 year before replacement is necessary. The O2 EII® will automatically switch off after 10 minutes to ensure battery life is not compromised if the instrument is accidentally turned on. [break]Download PDF

Nautilus Lifeline Manual

We encourage you to read through this Operations Manual before using your Nautilus Lifeline VHF-GPS Radio for Divers. This will help you access the latest additional features of your Lifeline and understand the safe and proper way to use it. [break][break]The label “WARNING!” identifies conditions that could result in personal injury or loss of life, or cause damage to your Nautilus Lifeline. The labels “IMPORTANT” and NOTE alert you to information that is important to proper operation or maintenance of your Nautilus Lifeline. [break]Download PDF

Latex Seals For Drysuits & Trimming Guide

The sizing guide below is for regular latex seals only. [break][break]Do not use this guidelines for heavy-duty or RS-style latex wrist seals. [break]Download PDF

GP4000 Compass

GP-4000 COMPASS+ is an advance wrist-top dive computer that not only provides all essential dive information such as dive time, temperature, depth etc. to a diver in an easy-to-understand format, it also has a built-in electronic compass (can be reset to suit navigational needs in different parts of the world) and 3 NITROX settings to give convenience and to accommodate different divers’ needs. [break][break]All data collected can be retrieved and saved in your personal computer by using IST PCI-3000 downloader (available separately) and GP-4000 COMPASS+ software (available from Other functions such as dive plan, warning alarms, dive safety level etc. can also be programmed to suit a particular dive mission. [break]Download PDF

EIICO User Manual

Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!