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 Semper DIVE! Safety

Semper DIVE! firmly supports diver safety from planning through execution of dives. As such, all program offerings will include detailed safety briefings, emergency planning will be conducted for all dives and safety/rescue equipment will be on hand at all times. In the unlikely event an emergency does occur, Semper DIVE! personnel will be prepared to act to the best of their ability to mitigate injury and access additional aid as may be needed.

Semper DIVE! is a Divers Alert Network (DAN) Industry Partner and encourages all divers to join DAN and take advantage of all they have to offer, including:  Education, Dive Accident InsuranceTravel Insurance, Medical Resources and more!  If you are interested in joining DAN, please click on the link below.


All Open Water / Junior Open Water Diver course participants will receive a complimentary enrollment in DAN’s Diver Accident Insurance program.  Upon completion of the course, divers who choose to continue this coverage will need to register by joining DAN. 




If you are interested in DAN Travel Insurance, which will cover such things baggage loss or damage, trip cancellations, inclement weather interruptions and a host of other issues, check it out below. 


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Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!