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♦ About Semper DIVE! ♦


 To teach

train and encourage

safe, environmentally-aware divers

to enjoy

the world’s aquatic beauty

while working

to improve

and maintain it.



While always remembering our core mission, Semper DIVE! will become an international name in the world of SCUBA diving and ocean preservation!

When it comes to the ocean, Semper DIVE! will always,  Love It * Dive It * Protect It and teach and encourage others to do the same!


 Where We Come From 


Semper DIVE!
LLC was started as one SCUBA instructor’s dream with the love and support of his wife and true companion.  Owner, Spencer Schoen, was always at home in the water – despite a near drowning incident as toddler.  In 1984, at fourteen years of age, he earned NAUI and YMCA SCUBA certifications and was immediately hooked on diving.  During his college years in Long Island, NY, he dove regularly, usually for lobster.  During this time, he earned his PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Rescue Diver certifications.   After meeting his bride-to-be and lifetime dive buddy, Cheryl, he became a PADI Divemaster in 1995.

For years, Cheryl, encouraged Spencer to dive, even when she couldn’t dive with him.  In 2010, after two years living in Okinawa, Japan and spending almost as much time in the water as the fish, Spencer’s passion for diving was at all-time high and, once again, with Cheryl pushing, he entered an Instructor Development Course and became a PADI instructor in the spring of 2011.


In March of 2012, Semper DIVE! LLC was born!

Spencer teaches and promotes the company as much as possible while Cheryl keeps him on track and applies her creative talents to keep customers smiling and social media outlets buzzing with Semper DIVE!




Diving has now become a family affair with Spencer and Cheryl’s eldest child earning her Junior Open Water certification at twelve and their nine year old a PADI Seal Team member.




Hi: I’m a new PADI Seal Team member.  I wanted to be a SCUBA diver when I saw my dad/ Semper DIVE! teach his first class!  One day my dad put SCUBA gear on me and I was excited when I took my first breath under water!  My stomach had butterflies.  When I did my first AquaMission I wanted to learn which button made me lose or add air in my vest.  My dad said I had to learn how to clear my ears but I never ever had to because I never felt pressure.  Then my dad showed me with a water bottle that was full and brought it to the bottom of the pool.  But when it was empty a part of the water bottle got crushed.  Next will be PADI Master Seal for me!  I can’t wait!






SCUBA and I became acquainted in 1994, after I met our Illustrious Instructor, Spencer. It was something I had always been interested in, but had never gotten around to. When I found out this was Spencer’s passion, it was an easy excuse to finally, “get wet!” Turns out… I actually LOVED it!

image_whispererOf course, I didn’t love it as much as he does (you won’t catch me in a wet suit in murky waters). I happen to like my water warm and my visibility clear as a bell. I promptly decided this after I had my first ocean dives in Grand Cayman, and then was taken to the shores of Long Island, NY (where the only thing I saw was a dead crab floating by and my hand in dark gray water!) I need to be in the exquisite crystal aqua seas… without the wetsuit.

I have not been able to dive since having my children, which bums Spencer and I out. He misses his dive buddy and I miss seeing the beauty of the underwater realm. I’m definitely making it a goal in 2014 to get back to the fun of making bubbles with my man… Keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, I’ve kept busy pursuing my passion, Photography. I have had a lifelong love affair with photography. I am self-taught and have had the opportunity to hone my skills with friends, family, through my world travels, and taking surface photographs for Semper DIVE!


Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!