Ice Diver – Semper DIVE!

Ice Diver

If the spirit of adventure and unusual, challenging diving appeals to you, try diving under the ice.

During the course, you dive with a PADI Professional in one of the most extreme adventure specialties recreational diving offers.

PADI Ice Diver

The Fun Part

Explore the unique aqua scape found only under ice. You can be one of the few that have ever dived under a solid ceiling of ice. Plus, imagine the look on your Divemaster’s face on your next Caribbean trip when you flash your PADI Ice Diver certification.

You might get a chance to play with your exhaled air bubbles on the bottom of the ice or an opportunity to try the unique sport of upside down, bottom of the ice, skiing.

You will complete a minimum of three ice dives for your certification.

Dives are typically done as a group working with •support personnel  •divers  •tenders  •safety divers. You are under the ice to learn to control buoyancy, navigate under the ice, and keep in contact with the lead diver and tenders via line pulls.

♦To plan and organize ice dives 

♦Reasons and opportunities for ice diving

♦Equipment considerations about site selection, preparation and hole-cutting procedures

♦How to practice the procedures and techniques for handling the problems and hazards of ice diving

♦To use specialized ice diving equipment, safety lines, signals, communications, line tending and line-securing techniques

♦How to manage equipment problems

♦About the effects of cold, emergency procedures and safety-diver procedures


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Semper DIVE!