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Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Yes, that’s turkey you’re smelling and snow in the forecast.  Winter is around the corner and wow, did it come fast this year!  Many of you may be wondering where the summer went – and definitely where the warm weather went.  That’s another summer dive Turkey-Blogseason come and gone, woosh!  I hope you got some great dives in this year.  If not, start preparing for next year!  This is the time of year to get your gear serviced, take refresher or continuing education courses, and start thinking about next summer – or a winter vacation dive!


But first, allow me just a moment to reflect – because that’s what Thanksgiving is about. I grew up within two hours (depending on NY traffic) of most of my extended family.  Thanksgiving brought us together; it was a loud, boisterous, scandalous holiday with lots of food; King Kong, Godzilla, Mighty Joe Young, football, and the Macy’s Parade on TV.  Now, as an adult, I have my own family – a family that has traveled around the world and back with me.  My extended family has scattered across the US and none of them are within even a four hour drive.  My children have experienced large, loud Thanksgiving dinners, but also celebrated in distant lands amongst just ourselves.  This year my children actually asked to have a quiet holiday with just the family.  At first I was shocked by the request  – but then it’s all about perspective and what you know, isn’t it?  Whether our holiday is large or small, I am very thankful to share it with my family.  I will always be thankful to those that have given so much that we may celebrate this holiday in peace and without fear – and to those fine men and women who I’ve had the opportunity to serve with.  I’m also extremely thankful to my friends and relatives far and wide and to all of Semper DIVE!‘s customers, supporters, and followers.


Holiday (or anytime) Gifts and Gear

After giving our thanks, this holiday season is also about cheer and gifts!  So,why not add SCUBA gear to your wish list?  Perhaps giving the gift of an introductory SCUBA experience; Discover SCUBA or SCUBA Try It event?  These are fun ways to show your friends and family why you enjoy making bubbles so much.  They’re inexpensive and FUN!  Even if they don’t lead to the recipient becoming your new dive buddy, you’ll still have given a fun and exciting gift that they’ll remember!  If you have children, check out our PADI Seal Team program.


Of course, you can also buy gear for yourself or loved ones, and beautiful ocean jewelry for that special loved one!  Check out our store – and take advantage of our Black Friday pricing while you’re there.  Our ocean jewelry and many other items will be on sale for up to 25% off.  For those items not on sale, just use this coupon code for 10% off:  5470c98975e08.


I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, a stress free Black Friday, and peaceful dreams of times making bubbles!

Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!