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David and Goliath Revisited

Octavio Aburto

“David and Goliath,” Gold Winner at Our World Underwater 2013. Another outstanding photograph of Jack Crevalles at Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. Says photographer, Octavio Aburto, “I have been trying to portray the research and the work being done in Cabo Pulmo, where the “David and Goliath” photo was taken, in a way that is accessible to the public and in such a way that it can be easily shared. Through this photo and other photos I hope to tell the success story of marine protection in Cabo Pulmo where I conduct my scientific research.”

♦ How long did it take to capture this image?

The picture you see was taken November 1st, 2012. But this picture has been in my mind for three years — I have been trying to capture this image ever since I saw the behavior of these fish and witnessed the incredible tornado that they form during courtship. So, I guess you could say this image took almost three years.

♦ Who is the man in the photo?

That is my good friend David Castro. He is one of the young men living in the community that is helping to ensure proper enforcement within the Cabo Pulmo National Park. He is a divemaster at the Cabo Pulmo Divers shop and is one of the young activists working tirelessly to protect Cabo Pulmo. With his family and friends David is trying to preserve the marine life and show the rest of the world that marine reserves can be a good model for sustainable coastal development.

♦ What allowed you to capture this amazing photo after 3 years of envisioning it?

The conditions were right — the water was very calm and the visibility was great. David and I actually had to stay in the water for almost an hour before we started photographing. We ended up swimming all over the place following the fish and waiting for them to start performing the courtship behavior. When the fish formed the tornado, David happened to be in this position filming this spectacular event.

Behind the scenes of David and Goliath image. This image was taken at Cabo Pulmo National Park and submitted to the Nat Geo photo contest 2012. You can see more of images from this place and about Mexican seas on this link to view

Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!