Burkifornia – Day 4 – Semper DIVE!

Burkifornia ’16 – Day 4


Today started earlier than the previous days as my co-pilot was eager to get on the road. She wanted to reach Amarillo, TX today so we could spend some extra time there. So, it was wake, walk the dog, feed the dog, gas up, get breakfast and get moving! Now that the sun was up we got to see a little more of Afton, OK. Let me tell you what we saw… Okay, I’m done. There is absolutely nothing there except a truck stop, motel, and café. The people that work at those places were very nice and must live somewhere, but I couldn’t tell you where. In fact, it’s so quiet there that we found a sign that read, “At this very location on April 12, 1861 absolutely nothing happened.” I don’t think anything has happened there since!

Off we went on old Route 66. We saw… nothing… for miles… It was actually rather sad. If we take a history lesson from the Disney Pixar film, “Cars,” then you realize the building of the interstate system truly devastated many towns. Some of the towns we drove through were falling down; buildings abandoned and decaying. There was enough left of these towns to realize how vibrant they must have once been. It was truly a sad sight – one that made me wonder aloud how our technology and rushed life style has left so much behind, and what of the people? There was so much beauty and soul in these areas, mixed with loss and emptiness. I’m glad to have shared those sights and thoughts with my daughter.

Driving through Tulsa and Oklahoma City was a delight. These cities were vibrant, clean, and lively – almost as if the residents have no knowledge of what exists a few miles out of town. Of course they don’t, they use the interstate. We drove through Tulsa, but stopped in Oklahoma City to sample the local fare, exercise our dog a bit, and just stretch our legs. We decided to eat at Bedlam BBQ. This choice was random but worked out. The service was fast and polite and the food, slow cooked and delicious – and the perfect sized portion! There were so many incredible items on the menu, I just asked for whatever was best today. It was jalapeno sausage and cowboy beans. My daughter had the pulled pork (you can never go wrong with thatTexasLine). Both were incredible!

After a great meal, we were headed to Texas, so off we went. A few hours down the road we found the small green and white sign that read, “Texas State Line.” From there we kept going until we found Amarillo. The road to Amarillo was everything we were told it would be – flat and long. We finally found our hotel in Amarillo and set out to get some dinner and do a little souvenir shopping at
The Big Texan Steak Ranch. We wanted to stay at the Big Texan as well, but they were booked. We had incredible steak and incredible service. I sampled the local beer and we got a few knick knacks for our friends and family. And no, we weren’t about to try the 72 oz steak challenge!

Back at the hotel, we’re planning day 5. It looks like we’re going to site see in Amarillo a bit and then get on the road after a late lunch or early dinner. Next destination… somewhere in New Mexico. We haven’t decided where just yet!

BTW… the red noses, you ask? Today was National Red Nose Day! Look it up!


Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!