The Why – Semper DIVE!

T H E   W H Y

W H O  W E   A R E




The T R I D E N T
has long served as a symbol for the ocean.
This comes from its initial use as a fishing tool.
The trident is far superior to a spear for fishing.
The three separate blades give the fisherman a much better chance
of skewering a fish than a normal spear ever could.
The trident has kept its water association
even though centuries have passed since it was used in this manner.
It is now most closely associated with Poseidon,
the God of the Sea.
It represents the power and life giving force
possessed by the sea.



For the love of the ocean and the chance to share its beauty and communicate

the need to protect it –

That’s why!


It all sounds very simple and it truly is.  Diving is my passion and I enjoy sharing it with others.  That is why I teach – and I will always teach my students the importance of protecting the ocean.  I love the ocean. 

I can get completely lost in my own senses by the ocean; I become completely overwhelmed and just, calmed.  Some would call it ‘Zen.’  Others might call it faith or religion.  To me, it’s just an incredible feeling!  It’s why surfers are in search of the ‘Endless Summer.’

Semper DIVE! – Always Dive!  That is ‘the why.’



Author: Spencer

In 1984, at fourteen years of age, he earned NAUI and YMCA SCUBA certifications and was immediately hooked on diving. During his college years in Long Island, NY, he dove regularly, usually for lobster. During this time, he earned his PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Rescue Diver certifications. After meeting his bride-to-be and lifetime dive buddy, Cheryl, he became a PADI Divemaster in 1995.

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Semper DIVE!

Semper DIVE!